a precious mantle

SHAPELIME is realized on-site, as a seamless, continuous coating. Its components can be mixed according to the most refined chromatic, material and finishing requirements. Its malleability fits to to the most different shapes. Each manufacture is unique.

The manual execution allows the application on both existing and new bottoms. The treatment of the coating, its colouring, the variable granularity and the more or less dense texture are the elements assuring the flexibility of the realization.

Besides the basic raw materials: clay, hydrated lime, resins and pigments - others can be mixed, such as quartz crystals, coloured glasses, wooden chips, ivory, tissues, or even elements like leaves, marble granulars, precious and semiprecious stones, shapes or inscriptions in valuable metals to create unique inlayings. We are able to reproduce precious and artificial marbles, very different artistic creations.

ShapeLime è il progetto speciale che Primat dedica all’Interior Design: una concezione inusuale del trattamento di superfici, con finiture di altissimo pregio realizzate in opera dai nostri artigiani italiani, dagli effetti materici di grande risalto estetico.