We realize excellence manufactures in the different branches of Interior Design: coatings and precious mantles, polished floorings in lime, clay, resins, further numberless versions are possible with aesthetic results of absolute elegance.

Our surfaces are unique as far as cromatic and material aspects. We shape the raw material to meet all the possible and most different requirements by technically and aesthetically perfect solutions, without creativity limits.

We guarantee the final quality, the respect of the lead time, the duration of the manufacture.
Our confidence comes from the checking of the whole process, from the formula of the initial compound to the complete realization of the manufacture.

ShapeLime è il progetto speciale che Primat dedica all’Interior Design: una concezione inusuale del trattamento di superfici, con finiture di altissimo pregio realizzate in opera dai nostri artigiani italiani, dagli effetti materici di grande risalto estetico.