SHAPELIME fits to any setting, from the residential, hospitality, themal branch to museums, theatres, show-locations. In all these settings, ShapeLime combines aesthetic requirements with application needs. Furthermore it meets the requirements of Green housing.

SHAPELIME guarantees: wear-proofing and trampling resistance, the possibility of realization in different thicknesses, to be sound absorbent, hygiene. It can be spread directly on the existing flooring, saving costs and demolition inconvenience and overtime.

Our organization is comprehensive of working teams operating worldwide and respecting the local standards and regulations.

ShapeLime è il progetto speciale che Primat dedica all’Interior Design: una concezione inusuale del trattamento di superfici, con finiture di altissimo pregio realizzate in opera dai nostri artigiani italiani, dagli effetti materici di grande risalto estetico.